A Bunch Of Kids Drew Trump’s Portrait; This Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Hilarious actor Jim Carrey recently made waves over the last few weeks for his gruesome portraits of Donald Trump and his most memorable administration characters, but a bunch of children may have just stolen the spotlight.

Jimmy Fallon recently shared kids’ amusing portraits of the president on “The Tonight Show,” and it is impossible to look at these without cracking up:

We think this kid nailed Trump’s insane hairstyle on a windy day. We’re not sure what that little “Batman-like” figure is behind him, though — perhaps it’s Fox News host Sean Hannity!

Here’s a portrait of Trump golfing — let’s just say his skin tone is on point! We love Trump’s skinny little arms in comparison to his large body, we only wish we could have seen how this artist drew Trump’s tiny hands!

This is a wonderful representation of Trump giving a speech. This kid got the president’s ridiculous hand gestures down perfectly! The “Donnie J. Trumpo” title is a nice touch, too.

A Bunch Of Kids Drew Trump’s Portrait; This Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Trump looking disgruntled and mentally constipated, as usual. This kid definitely has a future in illustrating!

Yet another portrait of Trump making a gross face (which is basically like every picture). We love the teeth on this one! And is that a pig’s nose?

Children have a reputation for being brutally honest, and this young one’s “Baby Trump” portrait is nothing but the truth!

Fallon also got the kids to draw Trump’s worst enemy, Special Counsel Robert Mueller. For a man of such poise and intellect, the children were far more kind:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also a part of this artistic exercise, and we can’t look at this without laughing hysterically:

Last but not least, a child drew Trump’s buddy, Russian president Vladimir Putin. Those are definitely the eyes that hypnotized Trump and made him Putin’s slave.