Presidential historians are notorious for intensely studying presidents — their lives, behaviors, and their overall presidencies. From President H.W. Bush to President Obama, this person is the ultimate critic when it comes to how these leaders run our nation.

Unfortunately for President Donald Trump, top historian Gil Troy has given him the worst possible overview. In a brutally honest interview, Troy refers to Trump as a straight up criminal.

When asked about his Trump’s leadership, Troy says:

Trump really comes from a different universe, a different world, the business world and in particular the family business world. That is one of the dynamics that people sometimes miss in trying to understand what’s going on with this presidency.

Donald Trump inherited this divided country — and he’s only so far made [it] angrier and more divided and that’s a crime. It is a crime against the American people and it is a crime against the American presidency.”

Trump, who often compares himself to former President Ronald Reagan, has yet to prove himself as a worthy president. Troy has studied Reagan for several years, so he provides an accurate distinction between the two:

When people go, ‘Oh, he’s so foolish, he’s alienating people,’ well, he’s alienating people who aren’t going to vote for him at all. He also is taking something from the Ronald Reagan playbook. I think there are many different many ways in which he is not like Ronald Reagan at all, but Ronald Reagan loved being underestimated.

When people would dismiss him as an actor, Reagan had a great comeback, which was, ‘I don’t know how you could do this politics thing without having been in show business.’ But Reagan knew that once they were calling him a mere actor, it would mean they wouldn’t be taking his message seriously and they also wouldn’t be taking his constituents seriously.”


Troy concluded his interview by pointing out Trump’s lack of human emotion:

Donald Trump comes very much from a place of not having much empathy. He was born on third base and thought he hit a triple.

Consider the presidential inauguration. It is always a  sacred moment when you transcend the partisan divides, heal the divisions of the presidential campaign, and then the American people are willing to look at you in a new light.

Reflect on Trump’s ‘American Carnage’ inauguration speech for a moment. There was no poetry or beauty there. It really is one of the most divisive, polarizing and just atonal, un-lyrical inaugural speeches in American history. There is a certain lack of grace in the man. But again, is it celebrity Trump or real Trump? I think he’s been playing that role for so long on the public stage that he may not even know who the real Donald Trump is anymore.”

Gil Troy accurately describes the barbaric demeanor of Donald Trump. He is robbing the American people in more ways than one. The sooner we get him out of the Oval Office, the better off we’ll be as a country.